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Waco Title
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WACO Title Company is licensed to issue title insurance in Arkansas and Missouri.

The WACO Title family of companies offers more than just title and closing services. We can also be your source of mortgage reporting information and provide a snapshot of the lending market share down to each transaction. Our free mortgage reports are easy to read charts and spreadsheets of monthly mortgage data as filed of record in each county and indexed in our proprietary title plant databases.

The Residential Mortgage Report includes all mortgages filed in the county between $50,000 and $417,000. The first page contains a color pie chart displaying the market share each mortgage lending company has for that month. Also included is a detailed, alphabetized report for every mortgage company, bank, or individual that has filed a mortgage in the reporting month.

The Total Mortgage Report contains all mortgages filed regardless of the amount, and details the same information as the Residential Mortgage Report. This report includes large commercial loans, and consumer real estate loans (second mortgages, lines of credit, etc.).

Use these reports to conduct research or search for prospective clients.