Seller's Netsheet™

Seller’s Netsheet™

NOTE: Seller understands that the output of the Seller Netsheet™ is only an estimate. Actual closing costs may be higher or lower based upon final closing information received from all parties to this transaction. Also, please be aware that the title insurance premium quoted on this site does not include any discount or re-issue rate. That being said, the title premium may be discounted if the order is accompanied by a current owner’s title policy, no matter if the existing title policy was issued by WACO Title Company or another title company.
IMPORTANT: This calculator presumes a split of title premium between buyer and seller that is customary for each market (can vary by county and state), as well as that all parties are closing with WACO Title Company (“WACO”). Actual distribution of title premium costs for a given transaction may differ from the customary split based upon the agreement of the parties. In addition, the fees incurred may be higher if WACO is not closing for both buyer and seller. Additional fees may apply if the referenced property includes multiple parcels/tracts or ownership interests.
For commercial transactions or transactions with purchase/loan amounts greater than $3,000,000, please contact us here for a quote.